EcoArt 'GLOW' Painting ('Freedom Feather No.3') by Melissa Sadie Wright

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ORIGINAL HANDMADE ECOART: Medium: Acrylic/mixed-media on canvas, completely handsewn on to hessian and hung by beautiful wood (includes blue glow pigments and high gloss resin) by International Artist Melissa Sadie Wright

Size: H42 x W35.5 x D4.5cm (Actual canvas size: H25 x W24cm)

Artists Statement: "Unique rustic EcoArt paintings utilizing natural available resources reclaimed from the environment (contorted root-systems/branches of trees etc) using a fusion of materials. (Acrylic on canvas/ mixed-media/ hessian/ recycled fibrous paper-pulp/ resin/ photo luminescent pigments, & often, incorporating intricate embroidery ). My work is connected at every point to the phenomena of the natural world, interventions, with constant dialogues highlighing organic shapes & rhythms, textures, colours and light. (Website:"

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